Dr. Nicola-Alexander Sittaro

Trained as internist and cardiologist in Bad Oeynhausen and Hamburg. Consultant in insurance medicine since 1988. Later Medical Director of Volksfürsorge Insurance and Hamburg International Reinsurance. From 1993 to 2013 Medical Director of Hannover Re with worldwide responsibility. Establishment and management of the medical department of Hannover Reinsurance. Freelance since 2013. Managing Director of Insurance Medicine Services Hannover (VMS Hannover) founded in 2013.

Cornerstones of professional activity:

  • Product development in personal accident insurance, creation of an automated underwriting system for personal accident insurance and a system for automated benefit testing in personal accident insurance
  • Product development, development of the basis for a risk assessment and system development for preferential annuities (Enhaced Annuity) in Great Britain
  • Since 1998, ongoing development of underwriting systems for use at point of sale or other environments for life products, disability products, long-term care insurance, and casualty products
  • Development of valuation guidelines for longevity risks in life settlements, property annuities and personal injury in liability insurance
  • In collaboration with AXA Insurance, developed and launched the first functional disability coverage in 2006

“The degree of digitalisation of sales and application processes determines product development.”


Specialist in general medicine, additional qualification: hematology, oncology.

General practitioner in private practice in Hamburg. Medical advisor for Generali Insurance for many years. Substantial experience in underwriting and claims.

In addition, he was successfully involved in the development of expert systems for automated underwriting.

Cooperation with Dr. med. A. Krumbiegel, specialist for surgery with sub-specialty trauma surgery. Certified expert FBIMG.



Training as a specialist in surgery (1991) and vascular surgery (1996) in various hospitals. Subsequently worked as a senior physician in this field.

Additional training and qualifikation for Medical Hospital Management.

From 1998 to 2005 head of the medical department for personal injury in liability and accident insurance as well as personal injury management at Hannover Re.

Since 2005, Dr. Rehfeldt has been working as an independent expert in Hannover. Insurance medical focus: personal injury in liability and accident insurance. A special qualification is the risk assessment of professional athletes.

Wolfgang Seger is a specialist in internal medicine, gastroenterology, and has worked in his medical biography both as a resident doctor in his own practice and as a clinic manager.

From 1991 to 1994 he worked in Lorch and Bremen in socio-medical functions. From 1994 to 2018 he headed the medical service of the health insurance companies in Lower Saxony (MDKN) and was deputy managing director. In 1998 dr. Seger appointed professor for rehabilitation medicine at the University of Bremen. Prof. Wolfgang Seger has been working as a freelancer in consulting and assessment since 2018.

Wolfgang Seger is a proven specialist for all questions relating to long-term care insurance, rehabilitation and other socio-medical areas.

Daniel Zeiss is a specialist in occupational medicine, nutritional medicine and medical informatics with many years of professional experience in prevention and health promotion.

While working for Hannover Re from 2009 to 2017, Daniel Zeiss played a leading role in the development of a system for automated risk assessment at the point of sale.

From 2017 to 2020, Daniel Zeiss was head of department at Süddeutsche Krankenversicherung (private health insurer), where he was responsible for developing new platforms for communication between health insurance companies and insured persons.

Dr. Zeiss has been dealing with mentally ill patients and has developed online coaching solutions for years.