Welcome to the website for the Insurance Medical Service Hannover (VMS Hannover). As a corporation of physicians and insurance-related service companies, we work at the interface of medicine and insurance. We support product development and create solutions for electronic risk assessments in the application process.


The Insurance Medical Service Hannover (VMS Hannover) is a cooperation of physicians and insurance-related service companies for the provision of specialist expertise for the interaction medicine and insurance. This is particularly reflected in the areas of product development and system support for application processes.

  • In the field of automated risk assessment, VMS in cooperation with Triangulum -AG is particularly strongly represented in the area of supplementary health insurance. Triangulum is the market leader in Switzerland

  • A special focus of VMS is the risk analysis of socio-economic status (SES)in product development. This aspect is indispensable for risk evaluation where limited medical information such as single question underwriting is used.

  • Due to many years of experience in the field of longevity issues, VMS is highly competent in the risk assessment of products such as enhanced annuities, second-hand policies, life settlements and the annuitisation of real estate assets.


“The degree of digitalisation of sales and application processes determines product development.”

Services of VMS in detail

  • All medical aspects of product development

  • Calculation of medical components of new products

  • Risk assessments of all personal risks with a focus on cases ” beyond the daily routine”

  • Claims management – focus on liabilities for personal accident, personal injury, and functional disability cases.

  • Provide point of sale underwriting or telephone underwriting systems

  • Assistance transferring existing underwriting knowledge into new systems

  • Underwriting for second-hand policies and life settlements (longevity risk)

  • Determination of remaining life expectancies for bodily injury claims in liability insurance

Risk assessment

Risk assessment is a holistic process in which statistical aspects product aspects, sales aspects and experience are taken into account. One focus is the medical risk of change.

Benefit check

In recent years, there has been a major shift in the causes of occupational disability TPD ) due to mental illness. In response, VMS Hannover has positioned itself both in research and in cooperation with partners. Within this framework, a study has been carried out on the rehabilitation of insured persons with disability. Furthermore, a broad spectrum of interventions for psychologically induced occupational disability cases has been developed through cooperation with our Rehab-Partner REHA-aktiv.

Product development

Bei modernen Personenversicherungsprodukten (BU, LV, PV, FIV, KV, aber auch UV) erwarten die Kunden immer stärker Dienstleistungen im Schadenfall. These are primarily assistance and rehabilitation services. In cooperation with Malteser (assistance) and REHAaktiv (rehabilitation), VMS Hannover has developed numerous product components in the past.


VMS Hannover works consultatively with network partners. Within the framework of these cooperations, actuarial calculation bases have been developed for functional disability (multi-risk products), supplementary benefits in accident insurance and for longevity (life settlements).

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to consider old problems from a new angle, requires a creative imagination and marks a real advance in science.”


Trusted Partners

A strong network forms the backbone of innovative developments. You can find more information about the individual partners of the network under the menu item “Network”.